Ticor’s customer service / property research team is well known in the Puget Sound area for their depth of knowledge and high level of service to local Real Estate professionals. They are the best of the best when it comes to providing property information with a smile.  And while our customer service team is doing what they do best, they’re also saving our clients the most valuable resource they have which is time.

How many times have you thought, “If I just had more time…” Would your own personal Property Research Assistant help?  Experienced real estate professionals are experts at leveraging their most valuable skills for the most profit.  And our most successful clients tell us that working with the Property Info professionals at Ticor Title Company, really saves them time.  Below is a brief list of things our team can do for you so you can focus your time on what brings you the most profit.

Delegate these 5 tasks to Ticor’s customer service team & save time:

  1. Pre-Listing Pack or ‘Trio’: Profile, map, and deed with legal description
  2. Check Owner’s Name(s) or find a phone number
  3. Mailing list & labels around a new Listing
  4. Tax assessed value
  5. Plat map with dimensions

Ticor has a dedicated Team of ‘Property Info’ professionals, who will find these answers for you.   Next time you need to do some research, delegate it to Ticor!

King & Snohomish County

Diane Brittenham
Anne Serex
Susan Barney

Pierce County

Rachel  Jacobson
(253) 383-0055

Emerging Markets

Mandy Quach
(206) 720-6969

(Outside of these counties too!)

Save Time on every real estate transaction

Save Time on Every Real Estate Transaction with Ticor Customer Service

Click the image to the left for a sample list of services from Ticor’s Customer Service / Property Info Team


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