Washington Buyer and Seller Guide for Title and Escrow

POLICY PROTECTION AGAINST THE RISKS OF: ALTA HOMEOWNERS STANDARD OWNERS EXTENDED Record defects, liens, encumbrances, adverse claims or other matters not known or disclosed to the new owner that attach before date of policy 4 4 4 Forgery or Fraud in connection with the execution of documents 4 4 4 Undue influence on Grantor or mental incompetence of Grantor 4 4 4 Undisclosed or missing heirs 4 4 4 Wills not properly probated, mistaken interpretation of Wills and Trusts 4 4 4 Conveyance by minor(s), Conveyances by Corporation or Partnership without proper legal authority 4 4 4 Incorrect legal descriptions, non-delivery of deeds 4 4 4 Delivery of Deed after Death of Grantor 4 4 4 Clerical errors in recorded legal documents 4 4 4 Unmarketability of title as insured or lack of legal access 4 4 4 Unrecorded liens 4 4 Survey and Boundary questions 4 4 Claims of parties in possession not disclosed by the public records 4 4 Easements or claims to easements not disclosed by public records 4 4 An existing violation of a subdivision law or regulation affecting the Land: • You are unable to obtain a building permit • You are forced to correct or remove the violation; or • Someone else has a legal right to, and refuses to perform a contract to purchase the Land, lease it or make a Mortgage on it. This covered risk is subject to; • A customer deductible amount of either 1% of Policy Amount or $2,500.00. (whichever is less) • Title Company’s Maximum Liability is $10,000.00 4 10 © Ticor Title Company TITLE POLICY COMPARISON CHART