Washington Buyer and Seller Guide for Title and Escrow

• When do I sign loan documents? Generally, your escrow instructions will be mailed to you for completion and signature. Your escrow officer or real estate agent will contact you to make an appointment for you to sign your final loan papers. At this time, the escrow holder will also tell you the amount of money you will need (in addition to your loan funds) to purchase your new home. The lender will send your loan funds directly to the title company. • What do I bring to my loan document signing appointments? If you are required to bring money to closing, remember that it must be in the form of a Washington State Bank Cashiers Check or Wire Transfer. These funds need to be received by the Escrow office 24 hours in advance of the recording/closing date indicated on your Purchase and Sale Agreement. A valid picture ID, such as a driver’s license or state ID card is required at signing for all persons who will be signing documents. These items are needed by a Notary Public to verify your identity. It is a routine but necessary step for your protection. Make sure you are aware of your lender’s requirements and that you have satisfied those requirements before you come to the escrow company to sign your papers. Your loan officer or real estate agent can assist you. • What’s the next step after I’ve signed the loan documents? After you have signed all the necessary instructions and documents, the escrow holder will return them to the lender for final review. This review usually occurs within a few days. After the review is completed, the lender is ready to fund your loan and informs the escrow holder. • When will I receive the deed? The original deed to your home will be mailed directly to you at your new home by the County Recorder’s office. This service takes several weeks (sometimes longer, depending on the County Recorder’s work volume). 37 LOAN FAQ