Washington Buyer and Seller Guide for Title and Escrow

47 ITEMS PERFORMED BY LENDER ITEMS PERFORMED BY TICOR: Loan Estimate Delivered to Consumer Lender Logs on to customer.ticortitle.com to obtain title/escrow fees and sends Loan Estimate to Consumer Lender Approves Loan Instructions & CD to Escrow Lender sends Lender Instructions and Closing Disclosure to Escrow Lender Reviews & Delivers CD to Consumer Lender makes corrections to Closing Disclosure and sends to buyer for signature CD Delivery Period Begins Lender Funds Lender Reviews Executed Loan Documents & Funds Order Received Send escrow number to lender and order preliminary title report Title Report Preliminary Title Report received, reviewed and delivered to all parties Payoffs/Liens Payoffs/Liens ordered Escrow Reviews CD Escrow reviews Closing Disclosure and sends any corrections to Lender within 24 hours Seller’s CD Sent Closing Disclosure delivered to Seller Sellers Sign Documents Sellers called in for signing CD Approved Escrow receives confirmation that Closing Disclosure has been approved Loan Docs Received Escrow receives loan documents and Buyers are called in for Consummation Buyer Signs Buyer signs Loan Documents Docs to Lender Executed Documents are sent back to Lender Balance File Escrow balances file and verifies all funds are received File Records Documents recorded Closing Statements Final Closing Statements are prepared and sent out to the Lender and all parties Policy Issued Final Homeowner’s Title Policy issued and sent to Buyer and Lender Escrow Instructions to Consumers Escrow Instructions & documents are prepared and sent to Consumers Send Purchase Contract & Completed Loan Application to Lender Open Escrow/Title order with Ticor Title, Submit Contract & Buyers Earnest Money ESCROW CLOSED REALTOR PURCHASE TITLE / ESCROW ORDER WORKFLOW