Washington Buyer and Seller Guide for Title and Escrow

Title insurance protects the interests of property owners and lenders against legitimate or false title claims by owners or lien holders. It insures the title to the investment, unlocking its potential as a financial asset for the owner. At Ticor we access, assemble, analyze, and distribute title information, in addition to handling escrow and closing. Title problems are discovered in more than one-third of residential real estate transactions. These “defects” must be resolved prior to closing. The most common problems are existing liens, unpaid mortgages, and recording errors of names, addresses or legal descriptions. A homeowner’s title insurance policy protects the owner for as long as he or she has an interest in the property; and the premium is paid only once, at closing. Title insurance is different from other forms of insurance because it insures against events that occurred before the policy is issued, as opposed to insuring against events in the future, as auto, health, property or life insurance do. Title insurance is loss prevention insurance. Ticor performs a thorough search of existing records to identify all possible defects in order to resolve them prior to issuing a policy. We perform intensive and extensive work up-front to minimize claims. The better we do this, the lower our rate of claims and the more secure your level of protection. Researching titles is extremely labor-intensive since only a small percentage of public records are computerized. The industry invests a substantial amount of time and expense to collect and evaluate title records. As a result, the industry’s claims experience is low compared to other lines of insurance. Ticor’s impressive Claim Reserves gives you unquestionable security and peace of mind knowing that your policy is backed by a leader in the title insurance industry. Dollar for dollar, title insurance is the best investment you can make to protect your interest in one of the most valuable assets you own: your home. To get the best value, choose Ticor Title for all your Title and Escrow needs. Write us in on your next transaction and you’ll see why we are Worth the Money. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Why Title Insurance is Important and Worth the Money A Value Proposition is the unique value a product or service provides to a customer. It describes the benefits the product delivers. It answers the question: Why is this worth the money? 5 THE TITLE INSURANCE “VALUE PROPOSITION”: 10 REASONS