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Check out the freshly updated Buyer and Seller resource library on! The new guides and booklets are free to download and can improve the client experience with every real estate transaction.


Educating & Communicating for Greater Success!

buyer-seller-resourcesClear communication, knowledge, and mutual understanding can make all the difference in a real estate transaction. When all parties to a transaction know what to expect and what each party is responsible for, the closing process tends to go more smoothly for everyone involved.

To help facilitate a good understanding of title insurance and the escrow process for buyers and sellers, we have created a virtual library of booklets and flyers that answer commonly asked questions. Use this library to educate Buyers and Sellers, guide them through the process, alleviate stress, and improve the overall closing experience.

Each guide and booklet is FREE to view, download, and share.


Buyer/Seller Guides and Booklets Available:

  • Complete Buyer/Seller Guide
  • ALTA Title Insurance Policy Comparison
  • ALTA Homeowners Title Insurance Policy Coverage Explanation
  • ALTA Title Insurance Policy Choices
  • Customary Closing Costs
  • Escrow Process for Purchase Transactions
  • Escrow Process for Refinance Transactions
  • Keys to a Successful Closing
  • Signing vs. Closing and What Happens in Between
  • What’s in a Title Search
  • Common Red Flags that May Delay Closing
  • Deed Types
  • FIRPTA Frequently Asked Questions
  • Property Tax Annual Calendar
  • Glossary of Common Real Estate Terms

Check it out today!

Please enjoy these new materials for your Buyers and Sellers, all complimentary from Ticor Title Company.
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