The Regional Lending Center is a specialized refi unit with CFPB experts at your service!

We specialize in closing Refinance transactions

Because our team only closes refinance transactions we are experts in RealEC, Encompass, and all other integration portals.

We know what you need – Speed!

Within two hours of placing your order, you’ll receive:

  • Order Confirmation
  • Estimated Settlement Statement
  • Closing Protection Letter
  • Wire Instructions

Your preliminary title report will follow within 24-48 hours.

We are committed to YOUR workflow!

With preferred clients, we take the time to meet and discuss transaction workflow preferences. Our tailored approach allows our team to set procedures according to specific client needs, resulting in improved collaboration, streamlined communications, and consistency that you can count on.

We Service the West

The Washington RLC services local, regional, and national clients in WA, OR, ID, CA, CO, AZ, NV, UT.

Your RLC Team

AVP/Lender Division Manager:

Jeff Parry
Mobile: (206) 280-1500

RLC Operations Manager/Closer:

Molly Mahoney
Office: (206) 393-9818
Mobile: (206) 856-6580

New Orders:
Loan Docs Email: