Domestic Partnership Law in Washington State

Domestic Partnership Law in Washington State took effect  Thursday, June 12, 2008.  This law does not create a legal relationship that is equivalent to marriage, but does create property rights that previously applied only to married persons.

Domestic Parnerships Washington

Domestic Partnership Law in Washington State

Who can enter into a Domestic Partnership?
Two people of the same sex of any age over 18 and capable of consent or two people of the opposite sex, at least one of whom is over 62 years of age.

Almost every statute that addresses rights of married persons relating to real property has been amended to also apply to State Registered Domestic Partners.

This includes:

  • Community property rights including automatic presumptive community interests
  • Homestead rights
  • Inheritance rights
  • Dissolution in Superior Court

Domestic Partnerships are established in Washington by simply filing with the Washington Secretary of State’s Office.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Domestic Partnership Declaration.pdf

More Resources:
Seattle City Clerk’s Office – The City of Seattle’s Domestic Partnership Registration program allows unmarried couples in committed, on-going family relationships to document their relationships. Couples may consist of a man and a woman, two men, or two women.

Domestic Partnership Registration is voluntary, and does not create any new or different legal rights or responsibilities, or any contractual relationships or obligations between those registered.