In March of 2018, Governor Inslee signed the Washington Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (WUCIOA) and it took effect on July 1, 2018. The bill created a new chapter in the Revised Code of Washington that governs the formation, management, and termination of condos, co-ops, and planned communities (Common Interest Communities or “CICs”). Below is a summary of the who, what, when, where, and why of the act.

Who does the act apply to?

All new common interest communities meeting minimum requirements, or existing communities who “opt in” by amending existing CCRs.

What does the act do?

  • Applies to the Formation, Management and Termination of “Common Interest Communities” (CIC)
  • Affects how new CICs are created in Declaration of CCRs and Map
  • Existing HOAs and Condos may Opt-In by Amendment
  • Affects new Construction Sale of Units by requirement of Public Offering Statement
  • Affects Re-sales of Units by requirement of Resale Certificates
  • Form 22CIC must be completed on MLS Purchase and Sale Agreements for properties that are CICs
  • Typically any new Plat or Condo which has 13 or more “Units/ Lots” and bills dues over $300 annually

When did the act take effect?

Effective July 1, 2018

Where does the act apply?

Washington State

Why was the act created?

  • To create standardization of certain aspects of CCR’s/ HOA’s/ COA’s, in connection to individual units of real estate which share Common Interest Areas.
  • To promote transparency in Boards and standardized access for Owners to Board meetings and information.
  • To Standardize Notice of Meetings of Board and to extend collections on unpaid dues to 6 years recovery.
  • To Provide ample information to new Buyers with Public Offering Statements and Re-Sale Certificates, with mandatory time to review before purchasing Unit.
  • To provide Associations with simplified remedies to revise outdated CCRs.

Questions on your transaction?

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