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Today’s homeowner stays in their home an average of 11-15 years. So it’s understandable that the typical home buyer may be unfamiliar with how escrow operates, what protection title insurance provides, and how to be ready for the escrow process when the time comes to make a real estate purchase. We’ve assembled a series of brief videos that provide an overview of escrow & title insurance as well as insights into what to look for in a title insurance company and how to be prepared for escrow closing. Click HERE

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Fidelity National Financial, Inc. is the parent company to Ticor Title. Being part of the leading provider of title and escrow services in the world gives us the financial strength to issue more title policies than any other title company in the nation. Read more...

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We believe that every successful closing begins with a great team. From open to close, our Title & Escrow team is dedicated to creating a superior client experience by providing clear communication, personalized service, and consistency with every real estate transaction.

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Our property information specialists are true professionals and passionate about serving and solving problems for our clients. Reach us any time of the day via email or call our property information hotline to answer any of your questions or inquiries.


Latest Articles & Announcements

  • Now you can Text with Ticor!
    Now you can Text with Ticor!
    You can now text your customer service requests into Ticor’s property information specialists. More and more of our customers are preferring text communication over other traditional methods and we have the solution. In addition to our property information specialists, our closing teams are available to communicate via...
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  • Introducing the Ticor Title Virtual Homebook!
    Introducing the Ticor Title Virtual Homebook!
    Transform your digital marketing with Ticor’s Virtual Homebook! We are proud to announce our latest innovative solution, the Ticor Virtual Homebook! This Virtual Homebook not only looks great but is a breeze to use and send on to your clients. This environmentally friendly solution still has all of...
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  • Introducing startSafe Mobile Earnest Money Deposit!
    Introducing startSafe Mobile Earnest Money Deposit!
    Earnest Money Delivery… Now Hassle-Free & Contact-Free! startSafe Mobile Deposit allows buyers to enjoy the safety and simplicity of depositing their earnest money from the convenience of their smartphone. With just a few clicks, startSafe Mobile Deposit makes delivering earnest money as easy as taking a picture...
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  • Please join us in Welcoming Debbie Stevens to Ticor Title!
    Please join us in Welcoming Debbie Stevens to Ticor Title!
    With over 35 years of experience in Title and Escrow, Debbie Stevens is a known and trusted resource for connections and solutions that move clients forward in the business of real estate. She is excited to now be a part of Ticor Title! Since founding her own...
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  • Ticor Tech Tip – New Scam Targeting Unemployment Benefits - What to Look Out For
    Ticor Tech Tip – New Scam Targeting Unemployment Benefits – What to Look Out For
    ID Thieves Are Now Targeting Unemployment Benefits As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow across the country, so do the number of COVID-19 scams that have been appearing trying to get access to personal and financial information. With this in mind we are proud to say we have...
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  • Reid Vance Celebrates His 25th Year with Ticor Title!
    Reid Vance Celebrates His 25th Year with Ticor Title!
    Reid has been a valued teammate and asset to our clients for 25 years. We are so privileged to have his knowledge, generosity, and leadership. Please reach out to our Chief Title Officer Reid Vance as we celebrate his 25th anniversary with Ticor Title!...
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