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Title & Escrow News and Information
When the CFPB rules take effect in August 2015, the closing timeframes on purchases and refinances will be impacted. As part of the final rule creating the new Closing Disclosure and Loan Estimate forms, the CFPB determined that borrowers would be better served by having a short time to review the new Closing Disclosure prior to signing their loan documents. As a result, in its rule the CFPB mandated borrowers have three days after receipt of the Closing Disclosure to review the form and its contents.

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We are excited to announce a restructuring of our title department that is designed to improve the overall client experience by creating efficiencies and a more localized title officer presence in our branches across the Puget Sound region. Below are a few things we want our clients to know with regards to these exciting changes.

Greater Efficiencies & Localized Title Officer Presence

We have recently established the FNTG Centralized Production Facility in Seattle under the leadership of our own James Griffin. This facility is designed to streamline our workflow and create synergies among our back-office operations that produce our title
On November 20, 2013, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) published its final rule concerning the creation of Integrated Mortgage Disclosures. This combines the disclosures consumers receive under the Truth-in-Lending Act (TILA), and the Real Estate Settlement procedures Act (RESPA). The final rule includes new forms that will be used on virtually every transaction involving a mortgage loan originated and closed after August 1st , 2015. The new rules are 1,888 pages long and we are thoroughly reviewing these to discover the effects they will have on our work as settlement agents and title insurers.
The past year has brought steady growth for our operation in the State of Washington and our goal is to streamline the process for our clients who have transactions across our evergreen state. You'll have the benefit of working with your preferred Ticor Escrow team while having the consistency and financial strength that Ticor's Title Insurance provides. For your convenience, we have included an illustration here that shows the areas we serve.
Title to real property may be held in a variety of ways in the state of Washington. And the specific way a vesting is written determinines how title is held. Below are several explanations and examples of the common ways title may be held by individuals or two or more people in Washington State. VESTING FOR ONE SINGLE PERSON - When holding title as a single person, any of the following vestings are acceptable: "John Q. Brown, a single man", "Mary S. Jones, a single individual", "John Q. Brown, an unmarried person", "Mary S. Jones, an unmarried woman", It is acceptable, although unnecessary, to...