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Let’s Prevent Wire Fraud Together.

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Secure communication, fraud prevention and your protection are among the highest priorities at Ticor Title. That is why we are transitioning to 100% communication via SmartMail for our transactions. Wire fraud attempts occur on a daily basis and are commonly the result of a compromised email account belonging to one or more of the parties to a transaction. However, SmartMail via SmartPortal provides a secure, encrypted and mobile-friendly transactional communication platform, reducing the use of vulnerable free email accounts.

What is Smartmail?

SmartMail is an encrypted and secure email delivery system, available through the SmartPortal website. All SmartMail messages sent to your Email Address are stored and available at any time in the SmartPortal system. You are also able to send encrypted Replies to any message, and/or Upload documents securely back to our document management system.


    • All users must register before accessing a SmartMail.
    • The email address used to login MUST be for the recipient of the
      SmartMail or access will be denied.
    • Authenticated users will have access to all document links in the
      SmartMail regardless of their role, document or user type.
    • All document link accesses/views will be tracked and displayed in both
      the Order Activity Log and Distribution Tracking modules.

Setup, Tips & Troubleshooting

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