Double Closings: A Valuable Tool for Real Estate Investors

Most of us are familiar with Contract Assignments wherein the original buyer on the Purchase and Sale Agreement “assigns” his interest to a third party, but what is a Double Closing and why is it considered a valuable tool?

A Double Closing is the simultaneous closing of two separate Purchase and Sale Agreements involving three parties – a seller, a real estate investor, and an end buyer.  The sale of the property to a third-party investor is referred to as the Acquisition Escrow.  The investor then sells the property to the end buyer; this transaction is referred to as the Resale Escrow.  Both contracts will include language stating that closing is contingent on the simultaneous closing of the other.

Advantages of a Double Closing

Sellers working with investors are often sellers in dire circumstances. They want to close their home quickly but aren’t thrilled about the idea of entering a contract with one buyer who then assigns their interest to someone else who could then come back and start trying to renegotiate the terms. Utilizing a Double Closing allows the investor to remain in control of both transactions until closing occurs and keeps the seller content.

Investors completing a Double Closing do not have to disclose the amount of profit they are making to their end buyer like they do on an assignment. Because they are completing two closings, the sales price on the Acquisition Escrow is not disclosed to the buyer on the Resale Escrow nor is the sales price on the Resale Escrow disclosed to the seller of the Acquisition Escrow.

Funding for Double Closing

  • Transactional Financing

Oftentimes investors will secure a very short-term loan referred to as a Transactional Loan or Flash Cash Loan. This type of financing is normally only secured for a few days and is paid back when both transactions close.

  • Single-Source Funding

Using the proceeds from the Resale Escrow to complete the Acquisition Escrow closing is referred to as Single Source Funding. Although this type of closing was more common before the 2008 housing crisis, this type of funding can still be done today. The investor/seller of the Resale Escrow must disclose to the buyer that sellers’ proceeds are being used to purchase the property subject property.

Disadvantages of a Double Closing

The biggest disadvantage of a Double Closing is timing and the reliance of three parties to perform rather than just two. If the buyer or original seller backs out list minute, it affects both transactions.

Trying to record and fund on both transactions on the same day can be a challenge especially if the end buyer has a conventional lender.

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Assumable Mortgage: What it is and How it Works

An assumable mortgage allows a buyer to purchase a home by taking over the payments on the sellers existing loan rather than obtaining a new loan.

One of the biggest benefits to a mortgage assumption is that your rate would be far below today’s current interest rates. To assume a loan, you must apply and be qualified by the seller’s lender but the approval process is similar to applying for any other type of mortgage loan.

Which loans are assumable?

FHA and VA loans are generally assumable if the new borrower qualifies with the sellers existing lender to take over the loan payments.

Conventional Fixed Rate loans contain a due-on-sale clause and are not assumable.

Do I need a down payment?

The current borrower has likely paid down some of the original loan balance and the home has also increased in value.  The difference between the sales price and the loan amount being assumed is your required down payment. 

One option for bridging that gap may be to use a Home Equity Line of Credit which the borrower would apply for at the same time they are qualifying for the assumable loan.  In some instances, the seller may be willing to do a seller carryback Note and Deed of Trust.

What are the Pros and Cons of an Assumable Mortgage


  • Lower interest rates
  • Qualifying for a higher loan amount – with a lower interest rate you can qualify for a larger loan.
  • Fewer closing costs – closing costs on assumed loans are usually lower than on a new loan and usually you will not need an appraisal.


  • Higher down payment
  • Ongoing mortgage insurance – FHA Loans have mortgage insurance payments for the life of the loan.

VA loan eligibility – If a non-veteran assumes a VA loan the original borrowers VA eligibility will not be available to him until the loan has been paid in full.

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To learn more about Assumable Mortgages reach out to one of our specialists now!


Wrapping your head around Wrap transactions

When a buyer cannot qualify for a traditional mortgage loan it can make it rough for buyer and sellers alike! Closing the transaction using a wrap-around loan may be a great financing option for both parties.

What is a wrap-around loan?

A Wrap is a type of seller financing wherein the seller’s existing loan is wrapped by a secondary loan from a buyer to a seller.  The payment from the buyer is then used to pay the sellers existing loan. 

How does a wrap-around loan work?

In a typical real estate transaction, the buyer purchases the home with a loan provided by a conventional lender.  The seller uses the proceeds of the sale to pay off their existing mortgage on the home.

With a wrap loan the seller keeps their existing mortgage on the home, offers seller financing to the buyer and wraps the buyer’s loan into the existing mortgage. In this situation, the seller takes on the role of the lender.

The terms of the loan between buyer and seller should mirror or be higher than the sellers existing loan.  The buyer then makes the payment to the seller and the seller uses those funds to make the monthly payment on their existing loan.

Usually, a contract collection company is retained to ensure that both payments are made timely.

Example of a wrap-around loan

Tia is selling her home for $200,000 and has an existing loan balance of $100,000 at a 3% fixed interest rate. She decides to finance a loan for John to purchase her home.  Tia and John agree to a $40,000.00 down payment and a $160,000 wrap-around loan in favor of Tia at a 5% fixed interest rate.  John pays Tia monthly on his loan and Tia then uses that money to make the payment on her existing loan.  Tia can use the profit from John’s payment to continue to pay down her existing loan or keep the difference herself.

Normally the wrap-around mortgage will include a balloon payment due within 12-36 months.

Benefits of a wrap-around loan

Wrap-around loans can help sellers who are having a difficult time selling their home, it broadens the pool of buyers by making it easier for them to qualify.  For buyers it helps them to purchase a home that otherwise might be unattainable at today’s rates.

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To learn more about wrap-around transactions reach out to one of our specialists now!  


We are pleased to announce that Mary Forrey has joined our Sales Team!

We are excited to announce that Mary Forrey has joined our Ticor Title Sales Team! With over 40 years of industry experience we know she will be an invaluable resource to you and your clients!

Why Ticor was the Right Choice

Mary chose Ticor because of the unique blend of services that help to enhance her workflow and provide the most efficient service to her clients. 

  • The commitment, vision and synergy of the leadership team.
  • The Ticor “Make it Happen” “Get to Yes” underwriting philosophy.
  • Our goal is to provide an exceptional closing experience for all parties to the transaction every time. We want you back every time you have choice.
  • Innovative agent tools – We’re committed to help you succeed and grow your business.
  • Competitive Fees
  • National Strength, Local Touch
  • Enhanced Service & Support
  • Improved Accessibility
    Text your team! 844-698-4267

About Mary

With 40 plus years of experience in the industry, I was curious to know more about Ticor when President John Bloomquist reached out to talk. I am so glad we met!  I knew right away I was very interested in what Ticor had to offer for both myself and my clients.

I’m excited for this chapter in my career to work with such a great team of people and to learn about the tools available to support my clients with their business.

I’m looking forward to being a Grandma. My home is my favorite get away where I love to garden and enjoy the hummingbirds. I have a passion for good music and I’m always up for a good concert.  Favorite place to vacation is Arizona.  I was told once I have a quirky sense of humor.  I’ll take it as a compliment. 

“I love to laugh. It’s good for the soul!”

Mary Forrey
Sales Executive

4817 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

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