Ticor Title is happy to offer the House Hunter Scorecard, a simple tool designed to improve the home-buying experience.

House Hunting & Weighing the Options

Deciding on which home to purchase is a major commitment that involves evaluating location, size, price, amenities, and so many other factors. With so many characteristics to assess and compare, it helps to have a tool that can itemize factors, clarify expectations, and build confidence that the home-buyer’s ultimate home choice is the best fit for their desired lifestyle.

Track & Compare Home Preferences

After weeks of looking, it may be easy for a buyer to forget what exactly they liked about homes they’ve viewed. Over time, the details may fade or become vague. However, the House Hunter Scorecard helps to keep a record by organizing and comparing what the buyer likes best about their top two or three home choices.

The House Hunter Scorecard not only includes most of the features needed in a home, it takes into account the importance of the surrounding community and helps the buyer to visualize the lifestyle they seek.

Prioritize & Set Clear Expectations

With the House Hunter Scorecard you can set up a priority list ahead of time and a rank & order features from the most vital to insignificant. This helps to bring focus to the decision making process. Since most home purchases involve compromises on preference, the scorecard helps to weigh the options and make home comparisons easier.

The priority list can also help a Real Estate Professional get a better picture of what the buyer is looking for in a house so they can more accurately suggest houses available that best meet the requirements.
When visiting different homes, buyers can leverage this check list to make notes, see the big picture, and build confidence that their ultimate choice is the best fit for their needs and vision.

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