Introducing Ticor Tech Farm

Ticor Tech Farm

We are excited to announce Ticor Tech Farm, an automated way of organizing your focused areas of prospecting, marketing, and lead generation.  With Ticor Tech Farm’s live property data and rich insights, FARMing just got a whole lot better!  The old ways of managing static mailing lists, generating neighborhood reports, and engaging potential sellers are a thing of the past. 

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Has Your Farm Become Stagnant?

With Ticor Tech Farm, our dashboard analytics allow you a quick 360 view of your farm giving you the ability to make insightful and effective business decisions.

Download a Ticor Tech Farm Flyer here.

The Old Way of Farming

In the past, farm lists were generated based on our clients’ specific search criteria and delivered via spreadsheet or mailing label format, providing a snapshot of information from a moment in time.  The challenge with this approach to generating farm lists is that neighborhoods are fluid as home owners are continually buying and selling. Thus, farm lists would require regular maintenance, otherwise ownership information and sales stats would become increasingly less accurate as time goes by.

New! Dynamic Farming with Ticor Tech Farm

Ticor Tech Farm has live property data and eliminates the need for the tedious process of manually updating ownership and sales information in your farm lists.  In other words, once farms are loaded into the system, they will automatically be updated as new information is recorded with the assessor. This is a huge time saver and enables real estate professionals to make insightful business decisions based on current information.  

What Do I Get With Ticor Tech Farm?

  • Instant access to the detailed property data
  • Automatic updates for any changes on new ownership
  • Manage multiple farms on one site
  • Easily import/export detailed farm reports
  • Gain a competitive edge by analyzing your farm

What Does It Cost?

Price per farm is $2.10.  Premium data options are available for a fee.  Contact your sales executive for more information.