Exciting News! Team Ohana has joined Ticor Title!

We are pleased to announce that Team Ohana has joined our Ticor Title Eastside & South Snohomish locations!

Naomi Armstrong
Sales Executive
Call or Text: c: 206-409-1833

About Naomi:

A little about me. I attended the University of Washington, GO DAWGS, and during my college career I entered the world of real estate (to pay my tuition and have a flexible schedule). After graduating from UW in 2001, I continued on in Real Estate. Fast forward 10 plus years I was presented a great opportunity to join a mortgage team and decided to switch gears. A little over 5 years in the lending world and a mother of 2 beautiful boys, I knew I needed to follow my passion for helping people, yet have a more flexible schedule to be present for my children. In pursuit of following my passion, I started to explore a career that would allow me to use my strong skill set, from the real estate and mortgage world, and took the leap to start a new career in Title and Escrow… and haven’t looked back since! This side of the industry is dynamic, powerful and inspiring. My role is fulfilling, giving me the opportunity to help my clients achieve their goals for growth, which allows me to also develop long term partnerships that feel like family. Truly the best of both worlds.

What drives me: leaving a legacy behind for my family. Giving meaning and purpose to my life and providing my children a strong foundation is what drives me to accomplish my goals and succeed.

I always say to live with intent, be present in your life: at home, work and in your relationships. Have fun and enjoy every moment. Family is very important to me, and my children are an inspiration and my daily motivation… “My Why”. When you have a “Why”, you have a purpose. There’s nothing more powerful than that.

Brian Cawyer
Sales Executive
Call or Text: c: 206-409-1833

About Brian:

My 13yr old daughter Zuri is what drives me, she is my WHY and my WORLD!

My whole career has been in Customer Service from selling Shoes, Department Manager, Regional Manager and a Store Manager of 18yrs for Nordstrom. After leaving Nordstrom I wanted to stay in the Customer Service world, so I decided for the Real Estate space and have never looked back. 5 years as Area Manager for First American Home Warranty and the last 3yrs in Title & Escrow Sales.

I bring expertise in client acquisition along with excellent interpersonal communication and relationship-building abilities. Dedicated to continuous improvement and achieving market-leading results. Strategically minded in capturing new business and leveraging dynamic market opportunities. Expert in increasing productivity and customer satisfaction while driving revenue and sales. Establishing strong Relationships and Partnerships is what I love about what I do.

I am super excited to be part of the Ticor Title Family!