fsbo vs real estate professional

Which option is right for you?

There are many important factors to consider when selling your home. Preparing the home, setting the price, marketing & advertising, qualifying buyers, negotiating, setting appointments and navigating the closing process are all part of a successful real estate transaction.

Preparing and staging the home

A Real Estate Professional can make recommendations based on current trends and best practices, resulting in the most favorable presentation of the interior and exterior of the home.

Are you equipped to set the correct price for the home?

Market conditions, seasonal trends, property condition, size, and location are a few of the many factors that must be considered when pricing the home competitively. A real estate professional is skilled at gathering data and formulating the optimal price approach with regard to the home and dynamic real estate market

Are you prepared with an optimal advertising strategy and budget?

Real Estate professionals are trained to strategically expose the home to potential buyers by managing print, web, email, and direct mail campaigns for the sellers they represent. In addition, they have the advantage of leveraging a network of other real estate professionals to find a buyer match.

Are you prepared to qualify potential buyers?

A Real Estate Professional is trained to ask clarifying questions that ethically identify qualified buyers vs. indecisive, demanding, disloyal, or financially irresponsible clients. Valuable time may be saved by determining if a buyer is financially able to purchase the home and assessing the true level of interest.

Do you have the ability to negotiate the sale?

Crafting an agreement to everyone’s satisfaction requires skill, preparation, data, confidence, and a level head. Real estate professionals are trained to handle a myriad of buyer negotiating tactics and are free of emotional ties to the property itself. This provides a more objective position from which they can manage negotiations on price, terms, and amenities.

Are you available for calls and Appointments with potential buyers?

A real estate professional will receive the majority of buyer calls, internet leads, and email queries from potential buyers and subsequently qualify and categorize each opportunity.

Are you familiar with the closing process?

A real estate professional is trained to be familiar with closing timelines, parties involved, expectations, regulations, and requirements throughout the closing process. If you are considering selling your home on your own, please carefully assess what’s required to successfully do so.