Your e-mail inbox is overloaded – advertisements from retailers you shop with, newsletters from organizations you support, and a whole lot of spam that you don’t want and don’t plan to read. But it just takes time to go through all of this.

Should you click on the unsubscribe links? Or is that just asking for trouble?

It all depends…

According to digital security expert Paul Ducklin, a principal research scientist with Sophos who is based in England. His big concern: That unsubscribe link could be designed to trick you into giving up your email password.

“If you click on an unsubscribe link and it doesn’t just go, ‘you’re unsubscribed,’ but it goes, ‘now you need to put in your email address and your password,’ keep your wits about you, and don’t get phished,” Ducklin cautioned. “Obviously these are people who are not spamming you, they’re using the unsubscribe as a hook to try to get your password which is a risk that did not exist in the early days of spam.”

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