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Having the right property information at the right time can sometimes make or break a sale.  At Ticor, we live and breathe property information.  It’s our job to examine every parcel in the Puget Sound area that we insure to know how it’s described, who has a claim to it, and how it may be used. And naturally this area of expertise becomes invaluable when a Real Estate agent needs information fast. Below is a true story that took place in December:

Right around December 16th, most of us were occupied with Holiday prep and planning.  But for Shawn L., it was a good day to handle a sign call.  Shawn had moved to a new brokerage in West Seattle a few months earlier, and he had several listings on the market.

‘Tell me about your listing,’ said the client.  This buyer was interested in a home that Shawn had listed in Seattle’s Central District, and phoned around 2 pm to ask about a showing.  And the buyer had several questions, most of which were easy to answer immediately. But, when the buyer asked ‘How much are property taxes for this home?,’  Shawn had to get help fast.  So, on the way to his showing appointment, he called Julie McCullough Hale with Ticor.

‘Can you get me property taxes for this address?’ asked Shawn.

‘Yes!  How about a property profile, legal description, and a plat map too?’ said Julie.

‘That would be awesome!’ replied Shawn.

And in 20 minutes, Shawn had all of this info at his fingertips, delivered to his iPhone.

Ticor sends free property information to our customers every day. What Shawn received on his phone was called a ‘Trio’ (Property Profile, Map, and Deed with Legal Description).  This is also called a ‘Listing Packet.’

Often, agents order title work at the time of listing a property, and Ticor always confirms this with an order number, and a ‘Free Trio.’  And even though it’s something that goes out dozens of times every day, our Property Info staff knows that every request is critically important to whoever contacts us.  In Shawn’s case, he needed his info on the run, since he was driving to meet a client.  He didn’t have time to personally research. So, he called the people he knew he could count on for accuracy and a fast turn around.

So, what happened with Shawn’s prospect?  Later that day, Shawn made another call to Julie with Ticor.

‘How quickly can we close for a cash buyer? I think he’d like to do so before Christmas.’

Property Information sent to your smartphone

Property Information sent to your smartphone

Julie let him know that with a clear title report, and a cash buyer, it was quite likely that closing could be completed within a week.  The next morning, his office called Ticor Escrow for an earnest money pick up.  And the best part – this transaction closed in under a week.  A nice end to a busy year for Shawn and his office.

‘We’re reminded every day how important our Property Info Services are,’ said Ryan Kalalau, Ticor Sales Manager.  ‘Getting the right info delivered quickly, is one of the most important services we offer.’

Thanks to:  Shawn L., West Seattle agent

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