And Other Frequently Asked Questions

 Peace of Mind and Protection
The questions, “What is an Escrow?” or “Why do I need Escrow?” come up from time to time. To answer these common questions and more, we have assembled an easy-to-understand Buyer and Seller Guide to Title and Escrow for our clients and partners.  

Here’s an excerpt from Escrow: Frequently Asked Questions in our guide:

  • Why is Escrow Needed? Whether you are the buyer or the seller, you want assurance that no funds or property will change hands until all instructions have been followed. With the increasing complexity of business, law and tax structures, it takes a trained professional to supervise the transaction.
  • How Long is an Escrow? The length of an escrow is determined by the terms of the purchase agreement/joint escrow instructions and can range from a few days to several months.
  • Who Chooses the Escrow? The selection of the escrow holder is normally done by agreement between the principals. If a real estate agent is involved, they may recommend an escrow holder.
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