CFPB Announces Online Filing Under Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act

CFPB ILSA Online Filing Resources
The CFPB has amended Regulations J and L to permit online filing under ILSA. According to the CFPB, “the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act requires certain land developers to register their subdivisions and provide disclosures about the lots being offered, to protect consumers from deception or abuse.” This generally requires a developer of a subdivision containing one hundred or more lots, with certain exceptions, to register the subdivision with the CFPB. Electronic filing will modernize the process by making payment submission more efficient and reducing paperwork costs.


For issues or questions regarding ILSA registration contact the Interstate Land Sales Registration Program Office. Direct any FOIA requests to our FOIA office.



(202) 435-7800

CFPB ILSA Website & Online Filing Resources

The agency has also launched a new website with online filing resources, including instructions, available at

Final Rule Effective Date

June 10, 2016