Ticor Tech Tip – A Simple Way to Manage a Overload of Passwords KOMO / Ticor Consumer Tip

We are proud to say we have partnered with long time local area consumer protection advocate Herb Weisbaum of KOMO to bring you Technology and Title Tips.

You probably have dozens of online accounts and that makes it a real challenge to create strong passwords – passwords you can remember – for all of them.

That’s why so many people use a few simple passwords over and over again.
But weak passwords – like 12345, password, 123abc, admin, or iloveyou – are
easy to crack. And if that password grants access to multiple accounts, it puts all
of them at risk, if just one of them is compromised. The solution is to use a password manager. It lets you create complex passwords and store them securely for easy access on all your devices.

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Please join us in Welcoming Chris Del Rosso to Ticor Title!

We’re excited to announce that Chris Del Rosso has joined our Ticor Title Team! Chris’s experience in foreclosure searches, recordings, and examining will be an invaluable benefit to our clients.

About Chris

Chris started in the title industry in 1998 after graduating from Central Washington University with a degree in Criminal Justice. Chris has worked in recording, starts, examining, and in the title unit. For the last five years he has focused on being a resource for investor clients. Chris is a proud father of two daughters and a son ranging from 11 to 18 years old. He’s a huge Seahawk fan, loves the outdoors, and is excited to be a valuable resource to our clients here at Ticor.