Ticor Tech Tip – I See Dead People – How Death and Probate can Impact a Transaction

There are three basic situations when the owner has died. Of course, each of these has additional variations, mostly relating to whether the deceased had a will, and whether or not the estate (with or without a will) is being probated. If there is a probated will, devisees (those named in a will) will get the property or the proceeds from the sale if it’s sold before the probate is closed. If there is no will, then state law provides who inherits. It can get complicated to work it all out.

  • First, the owner was single – not married or a domestic partner.
  • Second, the owner was married or a domestic partner, but it was separate property (not community property).
  • Third, the owner was married or a domestic partner and it was community property.

Follow the link below to learn more about Death & Probate.

Ticor Tech Tip – House Hunter Score Card – How to Streamline the Home Comparison Process

After weeks of looking, it may be easy for a buyer to forget what exactly they liked about homes they’ve viewed. Over time, the details may fade or become vague. However, the House Hunter Scorecard helps to keep a record by organizing and comparing what the buyer likes best about their top two or three home choices. With so many characteristics to assess and compare, it helps to have a tool that can itemize factors, clarify expectations, and build confidence that the home-buyer’s ultimate home choice is the best fit for their desired lifestyle.

Selecting Your Next Home is a Breeze with the House Hunter Scorecard. 

Ticor Title is happy to offer the House Hunter Scorecard, a simple tool designed to improve the home-buying experience.

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Ticor Tech Tip – Video Series – Why You Need Title and Escrow Today

Today’s homeowner stays in their home an average of 11-15 years. So it’s understandable that the typical home buyer may be unfamiliar with how escrow operates, what protection title insurance provides, and how to be ready for the escrow process when the time comes to make a real estate purchase. We’ve assembled a series of brief videos that provide an overview of escrow & title insurance as well as insights into what to look for in a title insurance company and how to be prepared for escrow closing.

Escrow & Title Insurance Videos

  • What is Escrow?
  • What is Title Insurance?
  • What to Look for in a Title Insurance Company?
  • What to Expect at Closing?

Follow the link below to watch these informational videos and to learn more.

Ticor Tech Tip – Ticor Title is Here For You – Dedicated, Professional, Resourceful

Your Ticor Sales Team has over 236 Years of Combined Industry Experience. Ticor Title has been steadily growing in the Puget Sound region with added locations, recruitment of additional local industry experts, refined processes, and ever-improving service levels. Our vast expertise can offer solutions to help grow your business in ways that are leading the marketplace. Stay up to date on the latest in Real Estate trends by partnering with your Ticor Sales Executive.

Contact your Ticor Title Sales Executive today about our latest tools and resources to help you in your business!

Ticor Tech Tip – What Happens After the Close of Escrow?

The time after you close on your property can be very exciting and sometimes feel like a whirlwind. We at Ticor Title are here for you throughout this process and want to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Outlined below are a few helpful tasks and processes you can expect after your property has closed.

  • Post Office change of address
  • Transfer the Utilities
  • Check with your local DMV to see if you need to update your Drivers License
  • Change your locks for better security
  • Keep an eye out for your Deed in the mail from the County Recorder’s Office

Follow the link below to download the complete quick guide.